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Measuring Audience Engagement from the Brain

February 24 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Too often we measure audience satisfaction via NPS (Net Promoter Score), asking ‘How likely to recommend this event?’ / ‘How much you like this event?’
However this is not as accurate as their subconscious reaction based on attention & emotion. Celebrating St. Valentine’s Day on 14th Feb, we as event planners must do a better job in measuring this!
What if we could easily measure engagement accurately with scientifically proven result?
What if we could test our event plan to minimize risk & predict attendee engagement?

Since planning event takes lots of time, effort, & resources, with no guarantee of success.

Introducing: IMMERSION, a method developed by Paul Zak, a world-renown neuroscientist who has measured engagement in over 50,000 brains!!
Not only has Paul been able to predict the success of films via its trailer & songs pre-publishing, he has also helped world class planners to predict their event success, while measuring second-by-second audience immersion for continuous improvement!

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